It’s coming right around the corner, and the anticipation is building. Nikka Costa and Pictures and Sound will be bringing their stellar music to In the Venue for a special night of independent-minded artists. For those of you who aren’t aware, Pictures and Sound is a new band featuring former Blue Merle frontman, Lucas Reynolds. Their self-titled debut album arrived at our offices along with some promotional material yesterday. We popped in the CD and it hasn’t left the player since. It is truly a gem. Brilliant song quality, crisp analog production, and thought provoking lyrics create an album that has genuine staying power. Each song brings something new and unexpected, adding to the overall feel of the album without getting lost in it.  Highlights for me include the upbeat and steady “The Last Ocean,” (sure to be included on my next road trip mix) and “Every Ocean” featuring Willie Nelson. In researching this band, I came across a series of three videos on youtube chronicling the formation of the band and the coming forth of the debut album. I highly recommend watching all three. It is a testament to the fact that there are still artists out their who really put their heart and soul into their work, and that the best always follow their own path.

In a similar vein, Nikka Costa has blazed her own trail. A highly talented vocalist and musician, she has chosen to make music that means something to her. Soul and funk are her weapons of choice as she brings audience after audience to their knees. Included is a clip of her performing live on the Travis Smiley show.

So there you have it, more reasons than ever to attend this fabulous show. Here are the details:

who: NIKKA COSTA with Pictures and Sound
when: October 6
where: In the Venue
tickets: smithstix or 24tix