Despite all that is said about the dangers and stupidity of texting and driving, I still see it happen on a regular basis. It’s pretty disturbing, but this morning on my way to work I saw something even more stupid and dangerous. A woman in a black car passes me at approximately 75 mph. I glance over and see her shoveling a spoonful of cold cereal into her mouth!

I’ll admit it, I have been known on occasion to eat food while I drive, but seriously cold cereal? I’m not sure what had control of the wheel because her left hand was holding the bowl up to her greedy face, and her right hand was busy with the spoon. She must have had a third hand, because I noticed her fiddle with the radio and then her hair as she pulled further away from me and swerved in and out of the HOV lane.

It got me thinking, has anybody seen anybody doing anything more stupid while driving? Chime in, I’m curious.