Is This It?
The Strokes have announced they are working on a fourth studio album. In-Studio video here.

Not a Doubt
Gwen Stephani on No Doubt’s latest 80’s influenced studio effort here.

We Are Not in Agreement
The remade song “We Are the World 25 For Haiti” has garnered mixed reviews. Commentary and Jay-Z’s opinion here.  (For the record I was really impressed with Jennifer Hudson and Pink, but the ensemble lost me when the auto-tune effects kicked in.)

Big Heart
Large Heated Boy gives you the chance to try new music before you buy it here.

So Good it was Bad
Memorial in the works at the subway station where the video for MJ’s “Bad” was shot here.

History For Sale
Abby Road studio is for sale. Story here.

“Do you really think I’m Punk?”

An introduction to No Wave movement from Pukekos here.

DIY Dreamers Take Notice
Ever wanted to start a fanzine? Great documentary on the ‘zine Razorcake here.