Fur Pelts Not Such a Great Look After All
Rob Smith reviews an old album, Attila, by Billy Joel’s short lived band from the of the same name here.

OKGO Call Out the Majors
The viral video kings explain how disabling embedding is ultimately hurting Major Labels here.

Gold Medal Photos
Some incredible photos from the Olympics by the NY Times here.

Taking Back Streaming
A new track from Taking Back Sunday is streaming on Alt Press here.

Rocky Stream
Stream Rocky Votolato’s new record, True Devotion on Paste here.

Confused by Rap Lyrics?
This site is for you. Click on the orange lyrics, and receive a simple explanation here.

Video Sisters
A new video for “Alligator” from Tegan and Sara can be viewed here.

Giving Up the Gun
Watch the new Vampire Weekend video, full of celebrity cameo’s here.

Tuesday Tradition

Music is almost always released on a Tuesday. Largeheartedboy almost always lets you sample for free here.

Punk Covers Classic Rock
I wasn’t aware that these were Punk bands, but the list of bands and covers is here.